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"Our Last Embrace, Do You Remember?"

Ever wonder how & why someone can hate you
more passionately than they loved you? I do

Ever wonder why someone spends so much time
ensuring that you are hurt and heartbroken
but not enough time trying to love you? I do

Ever have someone give you a million reasons why
they couldn't be with you, but when you are apart
they spend a millon hours flaunting themselves? I do

Ever wonder why people, instead of telling
you they "love you," and "let's work it out,"
fighting for your love, instead they
play silly mind games with their profiles,
sending hurtful messages? I do?

Have you done everything you could for
the one you love? I have

Have you tried to be the person that your
soulmate wanted you to be? I was

Did you accomodate in every way your loved
ones needs, emotions, dreams? I did

That's right (as you said) I'm "predictable,"
My emotion through a song and a page

That's right (as I knew), You're "predictable,"
Enjoy being up at 2:30am? Was neat
seeing the two of you sniffing around
each other like dawgs in heat less than
24 hours after we broke-up!!

What was your latest message to me in your profile?
"The storybook is over, no encore?"
F-ing A right there won't be, look in the
mirror when you ask why?

I was once told she loved me for the
confident way I was...Love me now?

Always remember..."You Got Lucky..."
(but not for what you are thinking)

Amazing huh, Yesterday "Lady" was made
for the one I love

After witnessing all of the above in a
short weekend...You Got Lucky was born

"You Got Lucky"

Artist - Tom Petty

January 6, 2003 (an anniversary in itself)

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